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Ann's Top Issues:

Local Interests – Ann understands the distinct needs of the towns and cities in District 62. She’s built strong relationships with local leaders and representatives in Raleigh, who awarded more than $9M to Oak Ridge during her tenure as mayor. Ann will bring that expertise to the rest of the district. As our representative, she’ll support the continued economic and infrastructure development of our district, while preserving our towns’ unique identities and vital interests.

Economy – Ann will fight to improve our local and state economies, and to provide a future for our children. She’ll be a strong advocate for well-paying jobs, lower taxes, and reducing the inflation that is affecting food, gas, and housing costs.

Business, Housing, & Agriculture – Ann will support new and existing businesses, while working to strip away unnecessary regulations. She’ll stand up for common-sense housing growth, balanced with strong support for agriculture, and protections for the natural and historic resources that define our state’s high quality of life.

Parents & Schools – Ann will also fight for parents. As the parent of three grown children, she knows exactly what’s going on in our schools. She’ll be a champion for excellence in our schools. She’ll defend parents’ rights, and fight for increased school choice, free from political indoctrination.

Law Enforcement, First Responders, & Veterans – Above all, Ann will fight to uphold the laws of our state and fight against rising crime rates. At the same time, she will be an advocate for our first responders, law enforcement, and veterans.

National Issues – Ann will add her voice to national efforts to protect our constitution, secure the border, maintain a strong military, strengthen election integrity, and rebuild our economy by lowering taxes and fighting the inflation that is reducing the buying power of everyone’s paychecks.


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